We live in a difficult time, in an economic situation that challenges companies, forcing them to innovation that sometimes seems unreachable. We live in a society that has many shades and leaves to future generations the unpleasant impression of narrow horizons and lack of opportunities.

What we actually need is, sometimes, just to change the perspective, to explore space outside the box, to expand the field of view in order to find a new solution in a problem.


Think with us…

  • When all sized companies and organisations can access the knowledge required to make their most daring ideas reality, and the potential of researchers can be discovered and developed by the initiatives of entrepreneurs;

  • When the experience of traditional enterprises meets the creativity of young professionals trained to push the boundaries of knowledge;

  • When social innovation is not only a word, but a concept in action, where experts in human and social sciences are constantly employed in favour of people and the environment;

  • When those who hesitate on the verge of change meet those who make innovation their professional goal.


When all this happens, will the future be the same?

“When a tree does not blossom any longer, it's time to plant a new seed, a seed of change”.

We found Find Your Doctor, because we believe that a smart work for the professional integration of researchers triggers a virtuous circle that opens growth prospective to the entire Country system, in Italy and beyond.

It is not just a matter of knowledge, but of mentality: in an era dominated by massive flows of information and large-scale interactions between nations and cultures, issues and choices are increasingly complex.
Therefore, we believe that the meaning of the research paths nowadays is to prepare people able to move into this complexity, finding different answers to old and new problems, opening unexpected ways and possibilities alongside those who act as depositary of know-how, of experience and tradition.